School Library

Come and visit our beautiful school library, full of fantastic tales, awesome adventures, spooky stories and interesting information! The library is open every day after school 3:30 - 4:00 when accompanied by an adult and lunch times at 12:45-1:15 on Monday's, Wednesdays and Fridays. Children can borrow  one book at a time from our wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books as well as a selection of audio stories.

All children have access to Micro Librarian online (clink on the Microlibrarian Link in blue, you may need to allow Sliverlight to run for website to work if prompted) where they can log on using a given personal number and password and search our catalog of books, write book reviews and reserve books. 

There is also a free app that you can download where you and your child can monitor what books are being borrowed, suggests what books to read next, make video book reviews as well as request books for school to purchase. This also lets you stay up to date with the latest library news!

All the staff at Ridgeway look forward to seeing you in there soon!

Miss Baldwin

School Librarian 


Microlibrarian Link