PE & SCHOOL Sports Premium

 Sports Premium Statement Oct17


In April 2013, the Government announced exciting new funding of £150 million for physical education (PE) and sport, to be used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision in schools. Funding was allocated to all maintained and state-funded schools with primary phase pupils from 1 September 2013. A typical primary school received about £9,250 annually in the academic years 2014/15 and 2016/17.

Allocation of Sports Premium at Ridgeway

  • In 2015/16 our school received : £9350
  • In 2016/17 our school received: £9350
  • In 2017/18 our school will receive approximately: £18,620

Schools are free to determine how best to use this funding and must ensure that there is “additional and sustainable improvements” to the PE they offer. They should aim to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, including increasing participation so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of. 

How we are using the funding this year

At Ridgeway we are passionate about Physical Education and we aim to provide our children with exciting sporting opportunities and experiences, as well as modelling a love for active lifestyles and fitness. Here are some of the ways we are using the funding:

  • Affiliation with Premier sporting group. With our work with Premier we can provide:
  • Coaches to work alongside class teachers. They provide CPD for our teachers and provide the children with additional expertise in a range of sports. This year the coaches will work with class 4 and class 9 in gymnastics, class 6 and class 8 in dance and class 5 and class 7 in invasive games.
  • Coaches who come in each lunchtime to deliver a range of extra-curricular activities and also provide sporting CPD for our midday supervisors. Children are encouraged to join in with the activities which improve fitness, competitiveness and team skills.
  • Premier also lead our breakfast club and thanks to their knowledge of the children through our affiliation, they are able to deliver additional team games and sports before school starts.
  • Premier also complete a fitness baseline assessment with all of our children 3 times are year. This provides us with measureable information about the stamina and overall fitness of our children and how this improves over the year. Using this information we are also to run a ‘Ready Steady Go’ club which is aimed at providing extra time with expert coaches for those children who would benefit from extra sporting activities.
  • Finally Premier deliver a wide variety of sports based after school clubs as well as organising competitions for the children to compete in. The sports grant will allow us to purchase some ridgeway kit for them to compete in.
  • YogaBugs in reception.
  • This year our reception children will be working with YogaBugs to learn some stories through Yoga! A qualified yoga instructor will come in to work with all three classes for a half term. Each child gets their own yoga mat to work on too!
  • Cycle Derby in Year 2.
  • Our Year 2 children will be working with Cycle Derby this year to gain cycling safety skills and to practice riding with balance and without stabilisers. This activity is completed across 2 days and all of the bikes and helmets are provided too.
  • Dance Specialist in Year 1.
  • During their ‘Heroes and villains’ topic, Year 1 will be telling some famous fairy tales and stories through expressive dance. These sessions will be led by a freelance specialist dance instructor who has previously worked with our school on the very successful Dance Festival.
  • Whole school skipping day.
  • We are also hoping to be able to organise a whole school skipping day where ‘Skipping for Schools’ will come in for a whole day to deliver skipping workshops for each class. Skipping is a great way to improve fitness and the aim is that by the end of the day, all of the children will be able to skip forwards and backwards. We will then purchase lots of lovely new skipping ropes so that the children can continue to practice their new skills.

 Measuring the impact of the PE grant

2016 – 17

Breakdown and impact of spend

We measure the impact of the sports grant in a number of ways. We gain comparable data of the children’s fitness through the information gathered in the baseline assessments. We had a fantastic result last year with a HUGE improvement in the distance ran by the children from the first measurement to the last.

We measure the level of participation in PE though data collected at lunchtimes at in after -school clubs. This allows us to target groups who are attending less clubs or lunchtime activities than others though inspiring assemblies or promotion of different sports.

We also measure the impact of the enjoyment of PE through staff and pupil questionnaires. This allows us to provide targeted CPD for staff members and also to listen to our children and try to provide sporting opportunities that they wish for. For instance we have purchased new footballs at the request of the KS1 children.

Below is a summary of how the sports grant was spent in the academic year 2016-17. 

How the money was spent

Evaluation and impact

Derby SSP Affiliation Fee

Continual opportunities for staff CPD. 

Premier Sports Spring 1 Lunchtime Coaches

Provides children with an opportunity to be physically active during lunchtime.

Continual CPD for MDS. 

Cyber Coach

Improve physical condition/fitness of our children.

Offer additional opportunities to develop enthusiasm for being active.

Continual CPD for teachers to use sequences of Dances. 

Multiskills Festival Transport [1 of 3]

Children given the opportunity to participate in physical activity at an external venue along with    other schools.

Providing a memorable experience to our children! 

Derby County Teacher Support; YR/KS1

CPD for KS1 CTs on an area of PE that they have chosen as an area to develop on a personal level.

All KS1 CTs asked to complete an evaluation based on their experience.

YR CTs able to observe children in the first couple of weeks of school and observe a PE specialist. 

Premier Sports Spring 2 Lunchtime Coaches

Provides children with an opportunity to be physically active during lunchtime.

Continual CPD for MDS. 

Premier Sports Baseline Assessments; 3sessions

Analysis of children’s fitness levels [whole school]; data provided by Premier Sports.

Intervention club in place [Spring 2] to develop fitness levels of 2 children from each class. 

YR Bikeability

Children given the opportunity to develop confidence, body awareness and balance/control on bikes.

Responding to unfamiliar adults.

All children successfully passed the course!  

Early Years Package; Derby SSP

Provided with age appropriate, good quality equipment and resources and lesson plans.

Improve YR CTs confidence to teach PE and appropriate skills. 

Multiskills Festival Transports [x2]

Children given the opportunity to participate in physical activity at an external venue along with other schools.

Providing a memorable experience to our children!  

Dance Festival Transport

 Selected children given the opportunity to perform at an external venue with an audience.

Providing a memorable experience to our children! 

YR Passport Medals

A new approach to developing and rewarding the children’s physical skills and abilities.

Able to track children across the whole school. 

Dance Festival Costumes

Selected children given the opportunity to perform at an external venue with an audience.

Providing a memorable experience to our children! 

YR Yogabugs

Development of core strength and body control in the Early Years.

Staff views of physical education at Ridgeway

We value to views of the staff and use feedback to help develop PE each year. Here are some thoughts and views from staff for PE from the academic year 2016 – 17.

There have been some great outside agencies supporting PE this year such as Derby county and yogabugs. The children have really enjoyed their sessions and have developed core skills such as balance and co-ordination”

I feel PE has been well developed this year with outside organisations involved often with staff to support the teaching. The large equipment has been made more use of this year following training too”

The physical opportunities we give to the children are good outside and it has been nice to see children attempting new challenges. Bikeability was good at the start of the year. The baseline tests have been very interesting and the children have actually really enjoyed them”

The children’s view

We love to ask the children about their views of PE and we try really hard to implement their ideas and suggestions.

Here are some views:

“I really love PE and running. My favourite is racing on the field” – We now include a 3 minute run at the start of each PE lesson.

“I want to play more football” – We now have a football timetable and new nets for the children to use each playtime. We have also organised a girls and boys football after school club.

“I want more toys to play with at playtime” – We used some of the vouchers from the Sainburys’ Stay Active campaign to purchase new playtime toys.