Team Leader & Reception: Mrs K Harford-Smyth

 KS1: Miss H Knight


09-03-18 Thank you to all parent/carers who came along to the Maths Information Meeting to find out more about what we teach in each year group and how we teach some of the main concepts.

If you were unable to attend, please find all of the resources used within the workshops below:-

Maths at Ridgeway PowerPoint Presentation March 2018

Addition & Subtraction March 2018

Reception Curriculum Posters March 2018

Year 1 and Year 2 Curriculum Posters March 2018

If you have any questions about Maths, either in terms of your child's learning at home or school, please get in touch with one of the Maths team above and we will be happy to help!


22-09-17 In order to help support your children as confident, independent Mathematicians at home, please find attached the Long Term overviews for each year group. We hope this will give you an insight into what your child is learning each week. However, please be mindful that sometimes plans need to change due to the individual needs of our children and the enrichment activities and days we hold so don't be worried if teachers don't follow it exactly week by week! If you have any queries or questions, please don't hesitate to speak to your child's class teacher.

Math Parent Booklet Sep17

Reception Maths Overview Sep17

Year1 Maths Overview Sep17

Year2 Maths Overview Sep17 


In 2017 we were lucky to have Selwyn from Maths in a Suitcase deliver an after-school club. Selwyn presented lots of mathematical challenges to all who attended in many different formats focussing on many different elements of Maths. It was a pleasure to see children and parents/carers working together to solve the problems! Please see below some of the amazing comments left by people who came to enjoy the event:

"I think it makes Maths look fun. The man leading it was very passionate and I wish I had had had this as a child because I think it would have motivated me to do Maths!”

 “Brilliant! The gentleman was very engaging with the children and encouraging. They loved the magnetic polydron table!”

 “Fantastic event! My son loved it!”

 “This provides an excellent opportunity for the children to explore Maths in a fun way!”

 “Great variety of puzzles and games to help the children work out patterns and shapes and how they fit together!”

 “Very interesting activities that had my daughter puzzled but inquisitive. Enjoyed it very much!”

 “We thought it was great! Everybody enjoyed doing the little tasks together. It was fun!”

 “Great session! Good for children interacting with other children!”

 “An enjoyable session for everyone; challenging and engaging. Learning through play is always good! Very impressed with my daughter for solving some of the puzzles, they were tricky!”

 “My daughter loved it; taught her to think differently. Play and learn in the best way!”

 “Great opportunity to explore Maths problems with our children. Thanks! It was lovely watching the way their minds work and their level of perseverance. Even my 3 year old enjoyed it!”



Please find other useful information on Maths below:-

Number Formation Sheet

Maths Booklet for Parents



Please click here for the mathletics website.


Committed to developing our children as confident and independnent Mathmaticians!
Committed to developing our children as confident and independnent Mathmaticians!